Your Universe of Leads

Expanding Your Universe of Leads

Yes, the image above is a galaxy, not the universe. You need to mentally zoom way out to see the universe and zoom way in to see individual stars, planets, satellites, continents and people. In yesterday’s post, we discussed the fact that despite much advice to the contrary, you can’t build rapport, uncover need, determine…

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Where do you go to get customers?

Where Do You Go to Get Customers?

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve sold a lot of products, read a lot of books, listened to a lot of audios, watched a lot of videos and attended (and conducted!) a lot of sales training presentations over the years. One thing I’ve noticed is that many approaches tend to start in the…

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Sales techniques require context

Sales Techniques Require Context

I’ve been in business for myself since 1986, which means that every dollar I’ve earned since then has come as a direct result of selling something to someone. Since that time I’ve read literally hundreds of books, listened to endless hours of audio training, first on cassette tapes, later on CDs and more recently on…

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Bad sales process

Caution: Bad Sales Process Ahead

I received a message on my Facebook page from long-time friend Lenny Casper in response to my Valentine’s Day post on “Loving Your Sales Process.” He wrote: Tell it like it is, Lenny! The thing I love about this comment is how it so clearly articulates everything that most people hate about a bad sales…

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