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Income Inequality for Salespeople

If you’re in sales, income inequality is very easy to understand: Good salespeople earn more. Bad salespeople earn less. If you’re in straight commission sales, the stakes are even higher: Great salespeople earn a lot. Poor salespeople earn nothing. Being involved in sales for nearly all of my adult life, this makes perfect sense to…

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People Don’t Like to Be Sold by Idiots

Jeffrey Gitomer is a brilliant guy. His Little Red Book of Selling is a great read.  But I’d like to offer an alternate take on one of his most popular sayings… Gitomer is famous for popularizing the phrase “People don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy.” It sounds right when we hear…

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The Marketing Sales Connection

The Marketing Sales (Dis)connection

I am constantly amazed by the huge disconnect which exists between marketing and sales in many organizations. For some, it’s a lack of communication or coordination.  For others, it’s a source of mild tension. Still others are downright hostile to one other — i.e. marketing doesn’t respect sales and/or vice versa. How can this happen?…

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Unpredictable sales results

Unpredictable Sales Results Driving You Crazy?

Are your sales results totally unpredictable — great one day and terrible the next? Do you struggle with recurring cycles of feast and famine? Do you have little to no idea of what you can realistically expect to show up on your doorstep in terms of sales from one day to the next? One of…

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