The Economy

Don’t Blame the Economy, Fix the Sales Process

When sales are lagging, many salespeople blame the economy. “People aren’t buying.” “The economy is soft.” “My clients aren’t spending money.”

While it would be ridiculous to suggest that the economy doesn’t impact sales, it is equally ridiculous to blame the economy.

Why? Because blaming the economy (or any factor outside your own control,) disempowers you.

When we blame the economy, we are essentially making excuses for ourselves instead of examining how we can adapt our sales process to improve our results. For example:

  • When the economy causes fewer people to buy, we need a sales process that will allow us to get in front of more people, more quickly to take up the slack.
  • When the economy causes our clients to cut back, we need a sales process that allows us to replace those sales with business from new clients.
  • When the economy gives us peaks and valleys, we need a sales process that allows us to fill in the gaps and create counter-seasonal business to balance out our deal flow.

Is it always possible to counter the effects of the economy by altering your sales process? Not always. But we’re certainly far better off working to change the factors within our control, rather than pointing the finger of blame and accepting our fate.

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