Everyone sells

Everyone Sells

While some people hold a negative view of selling, the truth of the matter is that everyone sells.  Restaurants sell food. Stores sell clothing. Lawyers sell legal services. Girl Scouts sell cookies.

But beyond the obvious:

  • Employers sell employees on the value of showing up for work and doing a good job
  • Employees sell employers on the idea of providing raises and promotions
  • Parents sell children on the idea of being good and going to bed early
  • Children sell parents on the idea of letting them have candy and stay up late
  • Teachers sell students on the value of sitting still and paying attention
  • Spiritual leaders sell their followers on the benefits of leading a good life and following the rules
  • Charitable organizations sell their contributors on the idea of supporting their organization

So everyone sells.  But some people are much better at it than others, and in nearly every case, it’s a direct result of The Sales Process they have in place.  Next time, we’ll explore some Very Simple Sales Processes to give you an idea of what we mean…

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