Your Universe of Leads

Expanding Your Universe of Leads

Yes, the image above is a galaxy, not the universe. You need to mentally zoom way out to see the universe and zoom way in to see individual stars, planets, satellites, continents and people.

In yesterday’s post, we discussed the fact that despite much advice to the contrary, you can’t build rapport, uncover need, determine budgets or close a sale until you’ve first determined exactly whom you’re going to approach.

For that reason, your sales process should always begin by answering the question, “where am I going to go today to get customers?”

Imagine all the people who could ever become a customer of yours, gathered together in a great big cluster.  This is your universe of leads — everyone who could ever buy from you — and it’s different for nearly every business.

For a small, local dry cleaner, the universe of leads might consist of all the people within a twelve mile radius of their store location who use dry cleaning. To, the universe of leads might consist of every shopper on Planet Earth with internet access.

Each time you venture forth to get customers, your goal is to enter this universe of leads for the sole purpose of bringing a few people along out with you.

So where are they? And how can you get to them?

Depending on your business, maybe you’ll meet them at a BNI group meeting. Maybe you’ll find them by running an ad in a particular newspaper or trade publication. Maybe you’ll discover them when you join a meetup group (see for details.)  Just remember, each place you go to find customers is just one place... and there are likely many more.

To expand your universe of leads, start by zooming in on your current lead sources to find other areas within, and zooming out on those places to get a bigger view. Here’s what I mean:

  • If you currently go to Facebook to get leads, zoom in on that to find leads on your personal profile, your business page, display ads, sponsored posts and as many different groups as possible. Then zoom out on Facebook to realize that this is just one of many social media sites, which include LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube,  G+, etc. While they might not all be for you, some of them might be. Then you can zoom in on those to find even more opportunities for yourself. Continue to zoom out on social media and you’ll realize it’s actually a subset of online networking, which is a subset of networking, which is a huge area rich in opportunity .
  • If you currently get leads from a monthly Chamber of Commerce meeting, zoom in on that Chamber to find leads at their breakfast meetings, lunch sessions, mixer functions, after-hour get-togethers. Get leads from their member directory, ads in their newsletter, group mailings, expos and whatever else they may offer.  Zoom out to see that a Chamber of Commerce is just one of many offline networking groups which includes other Chambers, BNI groups, tech councils, manufacturing associations and other groups whose sole purpose is to get people together.

Regardless of where you currently go to get leads, you should be able to zoom in and out to find even more.

Right now, there is a certain universe of leads suitable to your particular business. Your job is to identify them, target them and continue to expand your lead universe.

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