The Ledge

Talking Businesses Off the Ledge…

Over the years, I’ve worked with a lot of businesspeople and had to talk quite a few of them off the financial ledge.  Many were ready to give up.

They were frustrated. Overwhelmed.  Exhausted.  Salespeople blame their managers. Entrepreneurs blame their employees. Franchisees blame their franchisors.  Yet in every case, the solution was never found in blaming others, only in taking personal responsibility for their results and changing their focus and activities.

It is nearly impossible to be successful when we blame others for our poor results. Too often, we focus on the struggle, the fight, the futility. But inevitably, when we change our focus to solutions and our activities to problem-solving things begin to improve.

For most businesses, the problem is not with the market, the manager, the employee or the franchisor.  The problem is with the sales process. It is either inadequate to the task or it is not being implemented correctly.  In either case, focusing on solutions and channeling our activities to problem-solving and effective implementation can work miracles.

Where is the bigger gap in your sales process? In the process itself or the way it is being implemented? Enter your response in the box below.

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