Qualify your prospect

To Sell More, Get Better at Qualifying

Some salespeople waste enormous amounts of time, energy and resources trying to get appointments with, and sell to, unqualified prospects who shouldn’t be sold in the first place.

By unqualified prospects, I mean those who may lack the need, desire, budget, money and/or willingness to pay for whatever it is we’re selling. Some lack just one of these things. Some lack more than one. And while a lack of budget can often be overcome if the prospect has the desire to buy, the money to pay for it and the willingness to pay that money, it is really unwise for a salesperson to try to overcome objections when some of these criteria are present.

For example:

  • If you succeed in selling someone who has neither the need for your product, nor the desire to buy it, your likelihood of repeat and referral business from that client is greatly diminished, and the likelihood of a return and refund is high.
  • If you succeed in selling someone without either the money or the willingness to pay, then you haven’t really sold anything. Instead, you’ve given away your product in exchange for a collections nightmare.

Unfortunately, some salespeople are so programmed to try to overcome objections, they lose sight of the fact that there are some objections that should not be overcome — particularly those which determine whether or not you and your company will get paid.

As we get better at qualifying, we are able to spend more time with those most likely to spend money with us, and less time with those least likely. The objections we run into become less critical and our sales conversations less adversarial. For that reason, it’s a good idea for most salespeople to hone their qualifying skills rather than trying to perfect the brute-force selling approach which advocates selling to all prospects, regardless of even the most valid objections.

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