Unpredictable sales results

Unpredictable Sales Results Driving You Crazy?

Are your sales results totally unpredictable — great one day and terrible the next? Do you struggle with recurring cycles of feast and famine? Do you have little to no idea of what you can realistically expect to show up on your doorstep in terms of sales from one day to the next?

One of the biggest frustrations you will ever face as a salesperson, sales manager or business owner is the frustration of unpredictable sales results.

It’s crazy: Same products, same people, same business, wildly different results from one day to the next. How is that even possible?

In my experience, there are three primary reasons. Here they are, in chronological order:

1. Inadequate lead flow. Without a doubt, this is one of the primary causes of unpredictable results in sales. Simply put, if you don’t have enough leads in your pipeline, it is literally impossible to close deals on any sort of consistent or predictable basis.

2. Poor qualification procedure. If you have plenty of leads in your pipeline but they’re not closing, the next thing to look at is your qualification procedure. Are the people in your pipeline qualified to buy from you? Do they have the need, desire, budget, money and willingness to pay for what you sell right now? If the answer is no, they will not close until and unless that changes.

3. Poor conversion process. If you have plenty of leads in your pipeline and they all have the need, desire, budget, money and willingness to pay for what you sell right now, but they’re not buying from you, you have to look at your conversion process. Specifically, ask yourself what you could possibly be saying to these people to keep them from buying? Is it your approach? Is it the quality of your product? Do they not believe your product will do what you say? Is it your pricing (and before you answer yes, recognize that while price is often used by prospects as an excuse for not buying, the real reason is rarely the price)?

Each of the issues above are the direct result of specific problems within your sales process, and each can be fixed with a process approach. So examine your current situation and ask yourself which of the three reasons above are most directly responsible for your unpredictable sales results and what can you do right now to fix it? Enter your questions or comments below and if you need help, get in touch.


  • james

    Reply Reply March 1, 2014

    “What could I possibly be saying to these people to keep them from buying?” Ouch, that hurt (but only because I know there’s a lot of truth in it.) Thanks for this blog. I find your insights extremely helpful.

    • David Blaise

      Reply Reply March 1, 2014

      It’s a tough question to hear, James, and an even tougher question for some people to answer. But it’s also very valuable, because in most cases there is something we could say or do differently to produce better results. Thanks for your feedback. I’m glad you find this helpful.

  • Tim Parker

    Reply Reply March 1, 2014

    Definitely #1 for me. Not enough leads… not even sure where to go to get them.

  • The Sales Pro

    Reply Reply March 1, 2014

    You forgot about timing. Sometimes people are interested, but the timing’s just not right. So even if they’re qualified and I’m great at converting they don’t close. It’s not always about the salesperson or “the sales process.” Sometimes it’s just about them not being ready.

    • David Blaise

      Reply Reply March 1, 2014

      It’s certainly true that timing plays a factor in every buying decision. If the person is qualified but not ready to buy, and if you are “great at converting” then you will most likely convert that person when he or she IS ready to buy. However, this post was about getting more predictable results. So if you are great at #2 and #3, but still getting unpredictable results as a result of “timing” issues, it means you need to focus more on getting some prospects in the pipeline who are NOT dealing with timing issues (#1 above.) Hope this helps.

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