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Who’s Responsible for Bringing in the Money?

Quick… answer this question for yourself:

Who in your organization is responsible for bringing in the money?

If you hesitated to know the answer for even a moment, that is potentially problematic…

In my very first post on this blog, I said that “In every organization, there is a person (or persons) responsible for bringing the money through the door.”

But I’ve learned in recent weeks that there can be quite a bit of confusion within organizations about who that person is. In fact, there can even be some confusion about the concept itself.

Earlier this week, I asked a business owner “who’s responsible for bringing the money through the door in your organization?” He sat frozen for a second, then said, “do you mean the person who handles my marketing?” But that isn’t what I meant at all!

If someone is responsible for “handling marketing” in an organization, he or she can write a blog post and feel like they’ve accomplished something. Here’s the thought process:

  • I’m responsible for marketing
  • A blog post counts as marketing.
  • I have written a blog post.
  • Therefore, I have met my responsibility!

I don’t care who’s responsible for your marketing. I want to know who is responsible for bringing the money through the door… and every single business owner on the planet should want to know the same thing.

If the marketing person is actually responsible for bringing money through the door… and if the blog post that he or she wrote doesn’t generate money, then that person would have to go and do something else which would bring in the money.

Responsibility for bringing in money. Is it really such a novel concept?
What do you think? Enter your answer below…

Here’s the bottom line: If none of the people in your organization understand that they are responsible, in fact, they are accountable for bringing money through the door, then nobody is likely to stress about it when it doesn’t happen. Oh, except for the person ultimately responsible for making payroll — normally the business owner!

“No problem,” some people think, “there’s always tomorrow.” But for some businesses, there is no tomorrow.

Make no mistake: The success or failure of your business is largely dependent upon the success of your sales process.

As a business owner, it is your job to identify that process — or hire people under you who can.


  • Jay Hebdon

    Reply Reply February 20, 2014

    THE SALE PEOPLE!!!!!!!

    • David Blaise

      Reply Reply February 20, 2014

      Right! And who’s responsible when they don’t sell?

  • Robert Schwartz

    Reply Reply April 11, 2016

    The owner has the ultimate responsibility for bringing in the sales. If the sales do not come in, there is no company.

    • David Blaise

      Reply Reply April 11, 2016

      Many business owners don’t know how to sell. Who is responsible then?

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